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How Much is my Meucci Pool Cue Worth?

how much is my meucci pool cue wroth

The Meucci pool cue is a great way to enjoy the game of pool without breaking the bank. This classic pool stick has been around since the early 1900s and is now back in style thanks to its affordability and durability. 

You can get a Meucci pool cue anywhere ranging between $100 – $3,000. If you want to add some flair to your game, consider adding a custom engraving or painting.

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An Overview On Meucci Pool Cue Worth

Meucci Cues is a world pioneer in the creation and design of premium quality, high performance cues for pool. Meucci Cues has been creating pool cues for many years and will be the king of pool cues for many more years to come.

The cues were designed and created through Bob Meucci, and offer the best value. The Meucci collection of pool cues have a the softest, most constant hit, which can reduce the deflection of the ball. Furthermore, these sticks are designed with one purpose in mind, and that is to provide every player with greater power and less effort.

It is well-documented that the selection of an excellent pool cue can have a major impact in the quality and consistency of play for a billiards player over the course of time.

Meucci Break Cue are best for breaking. You get a powerful break with its Phenolic Ferrule and 13mm Phenolic Tip. There is a solid connection between 5/16X18 Pin and Flat faced wood-to-wood Joint.  

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Is Meucci A Good Pool Cue?

Yes! Meucci are high construction pool cue that comes with a rare combination of  handmade craftmanship and high-tech construction. Most of high-end Meucci cues are specifically designed for aspiring billiard professionals. Owing to its cost, we recommend the novice users to go with the basic meucci pool cue to have a hand-on experience about the game.

Where are Meucci Pool Cues Made?

Meucci Pool Cues are made in Meucci Family Billiard Lodge in Byhalia Mississippi. 

How to Identify a Meucci Pool Cue?

Check its butt cap which has Meucci name imbibed in cursive signature font. For the Meucci cues manufactured before 1990, you will find ‘Meucci originals’ to be imbibed instead.

How Are Meucci Pool Cues Made?

One of the most striking designs is The Pro shaft. High-tech laminated layers add layer upon layer Hard Rock Maple, 35 layers total. This is only one of the many hand-crafted components that make up Meucci cues.

This design accomplishes two things:

  1. It assists in distributing the forces within the shaft more evenly, ensuring that you are more in control of your shot. 
  2. It also decreases the burden of your cue, making it easier to control it more effectively and quickly.

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It’s hard to beat high-tech, handcrafted products in the same time.

Here are the top 5 Meucci Cue Sticks that you should consider:

Meucci SB2-N Handcrafted Billiards

The Meucci SB2-N cue for pool is made to play or shoot and is 58 inches. in length. The 29-in. hardwood hardrock shaft has been constructed with a pro taper and 13mm Triangle hard tip. One shaft comes with. This two-piece pool cue has a weight adjustment between 18-21 inches.

Meucci New ME9721 Pool Cue Stick w/Black Dot Shaft

The black ebony and white Meucci pool cue that has a Black Dot Shaft is remarkably attractive and even more efficient at the table. With a black Irish linen wrap the black forearm features six Synthetic Ivory points that have pearlized and ebony-colored designs on each. This diamond slot is repeated in a series of ovals on the bottom of the sleeves.

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The elegant style is complemented by Black Dot Shaft quality, the most reliable, high technology, top performing cue shaft, which is flat-laminated using 35 Northern Hard Rock Maple lamination’s. Additionally this shaft has less than 2 percent spinal differential on this shaft can be highlighted by a Black Dot Bulls-eye for those who are able to detect subtle variations and perform to the highest level. This cue is an amazing demonstration of skill both the way it is played and also in its the style.

Meucci Pool Cue Stick MEP02

It is a Meucci Power Piston billiards pool cue is reliable and has the soft and consistent hitting. This Black Dot bulls eye shaft has the most reliable high-tech, top quality cue shaft, which is flat-laminated using 35 Northern Hard Rock Maple lamination’s.

Furthermore the cue was designed with the Meucci Myth Destroyer testing robot, which minimizes the ball’s deflection. This cue comes in black composite, with sharp maple points, and an all-white and black scattered Irish liner wrap. Simple design, combined with powerful playing, this cue is a great buy.

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Meucci SB1-S Handcrafted Billiards Pool Cue Stick

if you are looking a cue that can help you with shooting and breaking without any switching of sticks, this is the right pick to consider. The curves shots are less challenging with the this pool cue due to its thin shaft and reduced weight. With its high-end craftmanship, this pool cue is an example of finesse and experience.

Overall, it is an elegant and smooth cue that has no trouble in landing the sickest cue shots. With a standard length of 58″, this two-piece cue stick come with smoked-stain maple butt sleeve and lacquer-coated white linen wrap with black specs.

Meucci Hall of Fame 06 MEHOF06 Pool Cue

The new Meucci cue was created to bring out the city’s skyline in the evening. The butt plate has an imposing black skyline set against a variety of vibrant oranges and dark greys. It is complemented by backlit windowspanes. In the forearms instead the points on this cue, it shows an array of highways that lead off in the distance towards a brand new city.

It is and surrounded by warm colors of the evening. The cue is wrapped with the night black wrap, which is lacquered over. It comes with 12.5mm Ultra Skin medium and 1/2″ hydralic ferrule to make perfect shots. 


Meccui is an exceptional brand that is known for its incredible quality and durable make. With the wide range of Meccui cues available in the market, you can choose the one suiting your budget. 

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