How to Identify Mcdermott Pool Cue?

how to Identify mcdermott pool cue

McDermott was named the top kind of cues for pool. It’s not without reason. McDermott has a long tradition of excellence and innovation. Combine that with their distinctive style and keen care for details, and you’ll understand why more than 40 professional players use their cues. In addition, with over 95 significant tournaments won with their cues, you’ll know they bring much into the game.

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If you’ve considered purchasing a McDermott cue, but you’re not convinced, keep reading to find out more about McDermott’s past and cue-making procedure, the care for quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. When you’ve finished this article, you’ll know if McDermott cues are right for you.

How Long Have McDermott Cues Been Around?

McDermott’s manufacture of pool cues began in the Year 1975. Jim McDermott, a pool cue repairman, joined forces with cue crafter Rollie Welch. As a repairman, Jim noticed the flaws in the industry of pool cues and became a visionary in the cue manufacturing industry, determined to improve traditional cues.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is where McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc. was born, offering ten cues 10 years later before Jim and Rollie formed a partnership. McDermott cues for pool are American manufactured!

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The ownership structure changed in 1994 when McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc. was sold to several individuals, like Jim’s son Jesse. The ownership changed again in 2009. It was a blessing that Larry Liebel, Executive Vice President at McDermott for more than 30 years, continued to help ensure that McDermott’s quality and heritage remained the same but grew.

Jim McDermott remained involved in the production of cues, including the highly sought-after Cue of the Year models. He died on February 27, 2014, but not without leaving behind a lasting legacy in the industry.

What Makes McDermott Cues Unique?

McDermott cues are renowned for their precise technique and high quality. Every pool cue is made by hand in 150 steps, including hand-selecting the wood and using specially designed, controlled moisture rooms at their manufacturing facility. This method is used to season the wood for 18-24 months.

The 18-24 month seasoning process includes rotating the cues eleven times to ensure they are straight. In 2012, McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc. relocated its headquarters to Menomonee, Wisconsin.

The new location allows streamlining the procedure and constant communication among the teams involved in the production, selling, and customer care.

One of the first cues McDermott created featured their trademark interlocking weight bolt system. This feature allows the user to adjust the cue’s feeling to determine the player’s perfect weight.

The technology has evolved to the current model, incorporating a Variable Balance Point (VBP) weight system. It has a full-length carbon fibre core mounted on an internal rail within the cue. The VBP weight system allows players to change the weights forward or backward to get the right weight and balance, which is impossible with any other pool cue.

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What About Quality?

McDermott is committed to quality that has been unchanged since the company’s inception back in 1975! Through various improvements and technological advances, Quality remains the top priority.

McDermott cues are famous for high-end construction, exotic woods, intricate inlays, and endless choices for customization. Specific cues are protected by exotic materials like abalone and mother-of-pearl that cannot be shipped or transferred out within the United States of America.

McDermott guarantees their products and provides a lifetime warranty for cues purchased through an authorized dealer for those who were the first owners and for manufacturing defects such as warpage (bent or bent out of shape generally because of humidity or heat).

Customers can contact McDermott to inquire about their cue and speak with a live individual; the McDermott team will then use customer feedback to create adjustments.

McDermott offers repair and refinishing for cues that are retired. People who still use older cue classes dating as early even as D Series, which was manufactured in 1984, can ensure that their cues are maintained in top performance.

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Some of the Most Popular McDermott Pool Cues


The H-Series is the first McDermott cues series with the fully adjustable variable Balance Point (VBP) Weight system. This innovation is enabled thanks to McDermott’s innovative technology that integrates a full-length carbon fibre core and a rail where the weights can be adjusted in a reverse or forward direction within the cue. The only cue available offers this much control over its weights and balance.

G-Core Shaft

These cues are produced by the U.S.A. and come with McDermott’s most popular G-Core shaft. They have intricate inlays and rings and are constructed using some of the most exotic woods and other materials around the globe. They are among the most affordable pool cues on the market today.

Select Series

McDermott Select Series cues are fitted with iPro slim or i-3 shafts that provide top performance at a reasonable cost.

Traditional All Maple Shaft

These American-made pool cues have our classic all-maple shaft. They feature an all-maple butt, enhanced by our most delicate coating and finish process. We think the G-Series All-Maple cues offer the most affordable price for a pool cue made in America.

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Alongside McDermott’s most famous shafts and cues, they also have a selection of specific cues. Every Year McDermott creates an annual Cue of the Year. This exclusive cue (only 50 pieces were created in 2019) sets the bar annually!

It’s made from the finest materials, exotic woods and exotic species around the globe and features many inlays. Instead of going for a few thousands of dollars, as the high-end and uniqueness demands, McDermott offers this specialty cue at a much more affordable cost.

Its price was Cue for the Year 2019, which was $2,299.00. The materials used to create it were made from natural Birdseye Maple, abalone, turquoise, pewter, silver, black urethane, and black embossed lizard.

McDermott also offers the Cue of the Month program. The program allows customers to purchase a custom cue without a considerable price. McDermott uses a cue from their catalogue and alters or improves certain materials and colours, shafts and even the artwork, then sells it for sale without customization charges.

Other Brands Made by McDermott

Over the past forty years, McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc. has expanded to different cue brands. With the addition of other brands, there is to be a greater selection of choices for players, including an array of colours, prices, and designs.

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These lines of cues, the Star and the Lucky line offer value to players in a pinch looking for an affordable cue. Cues are made in-house, meaning the player will still get the excellent McDermott quality and standards. McDermott Cue Manufacturing, Inc comprises these brands.

·       Star Pool Cues – Price Range: $115 – $209

Star cues are top-quality maple and exotic material, combined with intricate overlays of four colours. Star cues are produced worldwide using McDermott’s technologies and provide the best quality within their cost range.

Star cues have been designed to be engineered, developed, and then sold exclusively by McDermott Cue. They are covered under an unlimited lifetime warranty.

·       Lucky Cues – Price Range: $37.50 – $99

Lucky cues come with high-end maple as well as complex graphic overlays. It provides exceptional value for one of the industry’s most solid-hitting, globally-manufactured cues.

Lucky cues are developed to be engineered, developed, and then exclusively sold through McDermott Cue. They are covered under a three-year warranty.

·       Stinger Break and Jump cues 

This Stinger technology transfers the energy from the strike towards the center of the shaft regardless of where the tip hits. The tip is shaped lower than the regular breakpoint. The flatter shape makes it to causes the Stinger tip to be able to hit a large area.

It is possible to miss and still receive the desired outcomes. Stinger break/jump sets feature a unique tenon tip/ferrule design that transfers the energy of the break or jump to the ball to create rapid outcomes. The exclusive phenolic tip gives more of a target area to achieve results that will sting against the competition.

Stinger cues are custom purchased with the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) certified McDermott Big Boy hard leather tip.

·       Sledgehammer Break Cue

Sledgehammer is among the most well-known and well-known brands in devoted break cues. The unique ferrule technology in the SH1 maximizes the transfer of energy, which results in incredible power and precision. 

It is regarded by many as the strongest and stiffest breaking cue to hit in the market. The Sledgehammer is a simple way to destroy a rack.

·       Young Cues 

Youth Cues HTML0 McDermott The Youth Cues are top-quality pool cues specifically designed for kids. They are ideal for children who need proper equipment or pool table owners with limited space or obstructions.

McDermott boasts 40 of its ambassadors or professional billiard players who endorse and use McDermott products. The ambassadors are spread across nine countries and have membership from 1982 until now.

·       G-Series

McDermott G-Series Cues are famous for their superior construction, exotic hardwoods, exquisite inlays, and endless possibilities for customization.

·     Intimidator i-Shafts

The American-made cues are equipped, featuring an Intimidator i-Shaft (worth $259). Every cue is a testament to McDermott’s enthusiasm for excellence, craft quality, and ingenuity.

Pros Who Use McDermott

McDermott is home to 40 Ambassadors, or professionals in billiards, who promote and use McDermott products. These ambassadors cover nine countries and have the years 1982 until today.

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Although several cue models are available that fall under the McDermott brand, one of the most sought-after models is the G-Series. The G-Series Cues have two shaft options available: the G-Core shaft and the I-Shaft. The models with the i-Shaft are expected to be higher in cost, ranging from $840 to $2000plus. However, those G-Core models are far less expensive at the lower price, coming in at between $240 and $750.

One of the top G-Core models I’ve encountered includes McDermott G214. McDermott G214.

Some of its features are:

  • Birdseye maple forearm
  • The stain of Titanium Grey
  • Black urethane sleeves
  • Index rings and silver
  • 4 pearls of white inlays
  • Genuine Irish linen wrap
  • 3/8”-10 joint
  • G-Core shaft

It’s a gorgeous cue with the same focus on detail as the McDermott cues. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a premium cue for a low cost. The last time I checked Amazon, the price was less than $300.

In Conclusion

You can see numerous reasons to think about buying the McDermott cue. Their dedication to high-end quality and care for particulars is unparalleled. Even though many other top brands are available at present, McDermott has proven itself to be one of the top in the market.

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