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How to Clean Irish Linen Wrap on a Pool Cue?

how to clean irish linen wrap on pool cue

People often clean their cues occasionally, They may scratch their cues occasionally, and they might even take care of regular maintenance and cleaning sometimes.

However, the only thing that goes unnoticed is the ultimate key to the cue’s success in real Irish cloth.

After a while, I suggest replacing the wrap at the cue may be beneficial.

You could try rewrapping it at the local billiards shop, or, if you feel confident, you can try it at home.

A majority of shops will charge around $40 to have your new Irish linen wrap completed.

Although it’s not a massive amount, it’s the cost of some signals, and if you can prolong the duration of your cues a bit, then I suggest doing it.

You’ll immediately notice the difference once you have a new unit installed. However, you will notice the difference if you clean it now and then.

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Regularly giving your wrap a little attention will extend its lifespan and help you save some money during the process.

Think about this. If you wash your wrap regularly over time, It will increase your grip and make it cleaner and eventually allow you to feel more relaxed playing your shot your cue. Still, you’re likely more inclined to take care of your cue.

After you’ve cleaned your Irish sheet of linen, take your cue for a complete service, and then perhaps your table – scratch the edges, scrub the shaft, and check the ferrule, joints and so on.

After the cue, wash your table’s rails, and table felt. Do you get What I mean? 

Taking care of your equipment can make a huge difference in taking care of your equipment.

If you’re interested in knowing the best way to wash Irish linen wraps on a pool cue and some helpful tricks and tips for giving your Irish linen wrap more grip, then you’ve come to the right spot.

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Enhance the grip and secure the Irish linen

I think it is essential to ensure the linen wrap has been pressed or, better double-pressed, as this will give you the best grip. Unpressed Irish linen wrap is extremely slippery.

However, even if double-pressed linen is often difficult to grip even after a few uses, you don’t feel at ease with it and cannot provide enough grip. Irish linen is an excellent sweat absorber but can slightly lack grip.

There’s an old remedy to this. As bizarre as it may sound, most players, like myself, use wax sheets of paper on sheets of linen.

The most important thing is to place wax paper on Irish linen. Utilizing the wax side of the sheet, turn the butt and work it along the threads of linen.

I typically repeat the process several instances until the wax is warmed up and then put on the fabric wrap.

This will likely improve the tackiness of the grip of the wrap

In addition, it will give your linen wrap extra protection.

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How Do I Clean Irish Linen Wraps on a Cue Ball?

In the past, you will see your wrap absorb the dirt, sweat, and oils accumulated on your hands. It can increase the linen’s grip, but your wrap will become extremely filthy in time.

There’s good news that it’s possible to clean your Irish linen wrap from the cue for the pool.

Follow my step-by-step guide for the best way to wash your Irish linen wraps on a pool cue to revitalize your wrap!

What do You Require for Cleaning Irish Linen Wraps on a Pool Cue?

  • A high percentage of ruby alcohol (Amazon link) helps to clean the linen of sweat and oil in the linen. It is suggested to use gloves
  • The paper towel can be employed to apply the alcohol onto the wrap and then remove it.
  • A tiny glass. This is used when needed to eliminate the streaks that result from scratching the linen.

Do not allow water to get to your wrapping. Use a significant amount of rubbing alcohol and some paper towels to wash your wrap.

How Do You Clean Irish Linen Wraps on a Cue for Pool ?

  1. Sprinkle a small amount of rubbing alcohol on some paper towels
  2. By moving it in a circle, apply the lightly wet paper towel to The Irish liner wrap.
  3. As far as possible, the circular motion must be aligned with the direction you would expect from the Irish linen threads.
  4. Clean the entire wrap cue by using this method.
  5. With a dry town, soak up any moisture left on the wrap.
  6. If the linen gets fuzzy, make use of glass and rub it on the linen using a circular motion. Be sure that the circular motion of the glass is opposite to what you were doing using rub alcohol.

When your wrap is dirty, you wipe it clean with this method. Be aware that it could lose some grip initially but will return with usage.

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What exactly is Irish linen warps on cue for a pool?

Irish linen is a well-liked choice for cues for the pool as a wrap that assists in gripping the cue.

The wrap is normally situated on the back of the cue, which is the place you hold with your dominant hand while pushing your less strong hand over the table.

The wrap serves multiple functions, and one of them is to add it to your grip, providing you with the most comfortable feeling and a better shot. Another reason is that it absorbs moisture and causes the fibres of Irish linen to stretch slightly, which causes the wrap to gain grip.

It’s normal for wraps to appear slippery at first receive it.

After a few times of use, You should be able to gain more control.

The moisture absorbed into the fabric will naturally come from the air, and it could also come perhaps due to all the grease, sweat, oil and other substances in your hands while holding the cue.

As you can see, even though it’s helpful for the grip to obtain this additional grip that your hands have lost from the dirt, over time, it will become a problem, and I don’t have to show you a picture of how filthy they can become.

It is why you must clean and dry your Irish cloth.

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If you’re purchasing a cue for the pool or a new linen wrap, I suggest getting a double-pressed wrap since it has more grip, in my opinion. While the grip may not be ideal, to begin with, once the wrap has absorbed the moisture, you’ll notice an improvement. To further enhance your grip, apply wax on the wrap to improve grip.

If you’ve been searching for a way to clean Irish linen wraps on the cue for pool, this guide can help you very well.

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