5 Best Pool Cue Ferrule

best pool cue ferrule

In terms of performance, most players will inform you that the bulk of the playing ability in cues will be found in the cue tip and the ferrule. The ferrule is the tiny white piece that sits below your tip, at the shaft’s top. In its primary sense, the ferrule functions as the cue’s shock absorption. Much like the shock absorber in a car, the ferrule offers an additional degree that gives you control over the pool cue. It ensures an even energy transfer across the cue. It’s easy to imagine that should you break or chip the ferrule, it will lose its consistency and control.

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What’s the Function of Ferrule?

The primary function of the ferrule is to shield the wood at the shaft’s end. The ferrule allows one to alter the tip without harming the shaft wood and could aid in spreading the impact force onto the shaft during the tip’s impact. The ferrule can also impact the appearance, feeling (“hit”), and cue quality. A smaller and lighter ferrule produces smaller squirts (since the ferrule is usually more heavy than wooden).

The majority of cues today include linen fiber Ivorine III or Aegis ferrules. Custom cues, on one side, are usually made with ivory ferrules, which are thought to offer the most incredible feeling. Aegis or Ivorene are considered the most suitable alternative to ivory and can be included in all cue brands like Joss, McDermott, and Viking cues.

The best ferrule for you will depend on the style you prefer. If you’re seeking an instrument with more resonance and feel to the cues, then ivory artificial ivory (Ivorine or Aegis) is probably your best choice. However, you’ll want ferrules that absorb most of the vibration and feel the linen fiber ferrules are probably the best choice.

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1. 8PC Pool Cue POM Ferrule

The collets are appropriately sized and well-constructed. They also ensure that the shafts are centered. It’s challenging to differentiate them since the collets have no size markings. They have labels on them that show their size. However, they cause the shaft to be off-center, so you must be sure to remove them.

Because plastic POM has shrinkage issues following machining(around 0.2mm smaller than the labeled size), we supply complete sets, not individual items, to prevent customer complaints about size issues. The whole set will not make a mistake and will fit perfectly.

2. Drfeify Billiard Cue Stick Ferrules

The diameter of the external interface is 13mm/ 0.5in. The inner diameter of the interface is 8mm or 0.3in. Easy to put on the head, put it in place, the Billiard Cue Stick Ferrules are user-friendly. Ferrules for billiard sticks are constructed of top-quality fiber that is strong, durable, and long-lasting. They are lightweight, compact, and compact. A great alternative to pipes for swimming pools, It is a great and valuable tool accessory. It comes in three sizes, namely 1 inch / 25 millimeters, 0.8 inch / 18 millimeters, and 0.5 inch/ 12.3 mm , and 0.5 inch / 12.3.

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3. MANDUN XTC Pool Cue Shaft Ferrule 14mm 2 PCS

To shield the shaft well while hitting the ball, XTC is easy to free of chalk. The ferrule for the cue shaft is designed for use with pool cue sticks, not screws-on replacement tips. It is packaged in a durable transparent box that contains two pieces. The length of the cue ferrule can be cut using a lathe.

4. CUEELF Bakelite Pool Cue Ferrule Billiard Cue Stick Ferrules 2Pcs

Made from Bakelite Phenolic (G10). Bakelite Ferrule offers a powerful Break. Inner Diam approx is10 mm and Length approx is 15 mm / External Diam approx is 14 mm It is available in 4 colors as Black/Green/Yellow/Brown The Package Includes 2 pieces Pool cue ferrule. Great items for billiard games and cue ball control

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5. DTTRA 10set 13mm Cue Tips Pool Billiard Cues

10 blue screws on tips and 10 screws of white in inserts (20 Billiard accessories in all to meet your everyday requirements. White screw-in ferrule: 2.6 cm / 1.02 inches Diameter: 13 millimeters 13 mm / 0.51 inch. The head of the club is made of leather, and the ferrule screw is made from strong and durable plastic. It can aid in controlling the ball with ease.


Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, and Metal are the primary materials that are used for making ferrules. The main purpose of these ferrules is to protect the wood on the shaft’s end. Choosing the right ferrule is important because it also impacts the sound, looks, and feel of your pool cue. It plays a vital role in distributing the impact forces during tip impact to the shaft.

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