9 Best Inexpensive Pool Cue Sticks in 2022

best inexpensive pool cue sticks

The primary features that guarantee the top cue for the pool include their entire-body materials and the wrap materials. Depending on the type of wood used in the model, your break could have more strength, finesse, or even a better natural aim.

Likewise, the wrap material could significantly impact your weight on the cue and the grip. Other factors discussed in our review are the length, weight, and warranty offered for these cues for beginners.

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To have the best chance of choosing the perfect pool cue for less than $100, you should consider a glance at our best three choices.

This cue is one of the best design cues within your budget, so it’s highly rated to compete in competitions of professional quality.

It is one of the cheapest, and is very stylish and comes with an enclosure and cleaning cloth.

It is an excellent bargain pick. It is the cheapest cue with superior shaft materials designed for tough hitting and a reputable leather tip that will give you more control and last longer than the other cheap tips.

When researching the game and the most suitable cues for beginners, we talked to professional players about the cues they began with and their thoughts on how different cues could affect a player’s overall game. 

We also talked to manufacturers of the products mentioned below and talked to verified buyers to determine what they liked and disliked concerning their choice. 

The results listed below are organized into a complete product chart that includes in-depth reviews for each product along with a buying guide.

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7 Best Inexpensive Pool Cues Sticks in 2022: Detailed Review

After examining more than 25 cue sticks, we have shortlisted these 7 as the best Pool Cue sticks in 2022:

1.     Viper Sinister

Viper pool cues were developed and produced through GLD Products out of Muskego, WI. They’ve been around since the 1980s and continue making top-quality pool cues and other related equipment for billiards.

The Viper Sinister is an excellent cue for the pool for the price. It costs less than $100, and it’s hard to beat the cost. It’s an excellent cue for anyone new to the world of Billiards.

This Pro Taper shaft of this cue is constructed from top-grade solid Canadian Maple and is topped with a new 13mm Le Pro leather tip for improved performance. The light stainless steel joint looks fantastic and allows consistent player feedback and an excellent feel on the shot.

The cue is finished using 9 varnish coats that help keep it from warping. It also includes a handy, removable tip scuffer located at the base of the cue. 

This Irish Linen wrap is perfect for decreasing tension and vibration and provides an outstanding grip.

One thing I love about Viper cues is their adjustable weight system. The Viper system allows you to quickly and effortlessly alter the weight of the cues to suit your needs and make it simple to find the ideal balance.

Overall all, it’s a fantastic cue. Viper Sinister is an excellent purchase for those who require a premium quality cue at a bargain cost.

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Why Should You Buy This?

  • Made from high-quality hard Canadian Maple Wood
  • 13mm Le Pro leather tip with Irish Linen Wrap
  • 2 piece cue for easy transportation
  • Available for a customizable assortment

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • Few customers complain about the bend on its shaft.
  • Some pool enthusiasts do not prefer overlay design

2.    Player C-801 classic Crimson Birdseye Maple

If you’re searching for the perfect pool cue with design and performance, this cue from the C-801 Players is a good option.

This exquisite pool stick style is characterized by rings of white and black as well as an Implex black joint collar and a black cloth wrap.

Its elegant and classic style makes it an ideal choice for competing in a tournament or just practicing.

Players C-801 also has cue butts to allow professional tapering. They help you hit the perfect shot at all times.

The pool cue has a smooth, polished surface from the bottom to the tip, thanks to the French treatment with wax. This cue has a shiny finish and an iron ferrule to provide extra protection. It’s very comfy. And we’ll provide you with an unlimited warranty against cracks and chips.

With more than 10 years of experience as a world-class manufacturer of cues, the firm is determined to provide you with the most enjoyable billiards experience using their high-end cues. 

Every cue is constructed from an A-grade piece of North American Hard Rock Maple and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Once the wood is dried, the artisans employ lathes to gently smooth the surface before applying a thick layer of wax. 

It protects the cue against changing weather conditions by securing it and operating at optimal levels.

This wood is coated with an epoxy coating and baked to give an extremely durable finish. Then, UV with a very high gloss protects the stick from chipping and fading.

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What Should You Buy This?

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Great Price
  • Durable
  • Suitable For Practice or Professional

What Should You Avoid?

  • The grip could be slippery, and an elastomeric grip can alter the overall balance.

3.   TaiBa Pool Cue & Case Combo

This Cue & Case Combo from TaiBa is the best option if you’re looking to get the most value for money. The deal also comes with an entire set of joint protectors! What a great deal!

Its shaft is constructed out of 100 100% Grade A Canadian Maple Wood, the preferred wood for most pool cues because it is highly robust, durable, and resistant to stretching. 

The top of the cue is a 13mm Multi-layer tip made of leather. Multi-layer tips are more likely to last longer and offer excellent quality and consistency.

There are 12 colors to pick from, even if you’re an avid fan of black and red. Each of them features stunning graphic designs with nine layers of varnish that protect from dings, dents, and scratches, and it also shields the cue from warping and moisture.

You’ll see an all-black leather wrap on the back of the cue. Leather wraps are a fantastic choice because it is comfy, give you a good grip, and aid in increasing power and precision. It also stands up for a long time.

The 1×1 leather case is ideal for keeping your cue secure when you travel and includes a strap that can be adjusted to fit your shoulder. It also has a small pouch with a zipper that is ideal for storing small items.

Overall the combo deal from TaiBa is perfect for anyone who requires a high-quality beginner pool cue, and it comes with an enclosure and joint protectors.

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Why Should You Buy This?

  • Comes with one free cue case
  • Made from 100% Grade A Hard Maple Wood
  • Flexible weight with its adjusting bolt
  • Better grip with imitation leather texture

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • Few customers complain about receiving a curved stick
  • Not meant for the intermediate level players

4. CUESOUL Billiard Stick – Best Pool Cue For Beginners Under $100

This pool cue is within your budget, featuring stunning and fashionable design (up to 10 variations), which doesn’t alter the overall balance of the cue and wood type or its usability.

The shaft of these cues is constructed from Canadian Maple Wood and features the union decal butt. It creates a back-weighted cue that gives you more grip and control when taking shots. 

The overall length is 58 inches, with a weight of 19.2 ounces, and this cue has two pieces for easy breaking down and more efficient travel. A joint guard and solid threading protect the joint between the two parts.

It is wound with threaded for a traditional grip. The primary benefit is that your hands won’t sweat while playing. The tip isn’t of professional standards and is fixed to the handle, resulting in less impact than fully integrated tips.

However, the tip will not be able to come loose, and it’s perfect for play at a leisurely pace. The purchase comes with cue-cleaning towels and a chic CueSoul Case with an extra pocket to store tips and chalk.

Overall it sets the level for cues that cost less than $100. For most, it’s ideal for large purchases to have cues at your house or business and even your school’s campus.

What Should You Buy This?

  • Available in 10 different styles options available for purchase
  • The case is also included as well as a cue cleaning cloth
  • The shaft is made of rock-hard Canadian Maple Wood

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • This is not designed by warp treatment. Keep it away from the rain
  • Some pool sticks were found to be curved’

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5.     Billiard Depot 5 Cue Set

Billiard Depot offers a wide range of affordable Billiard equipment. The five-piece sets of pool cues are great if you’re looking for cheap cues to stock your rack.

Cues range in weight between 18-21 oz. and come in various designs. Each cue is encased in Irish Linen, which is ideal for providing an excellent grip and for those with sweaty hands. They are made of high-quality hardwoods and are finished with a 13mm leather edge.

If you’ve recently bought an old pool table and need sound pool cues to play with, this set is the one for you. But if you’re searching for a good beginner cue to develop your game, you’ll likely be better off picking from the other cues in the list. This set is made for the average household player who needs occasional cues to play with and his friends to enjoy.

Overall, these cues are great for those who have their table for the pool and require a good set of cues for their family to play with.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • The overlay decal butt adds to its beauty
  • Five pcs of 58″ pool cues
  • Standard weight makes it an ideal pick
  • An easy fix for the given price

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • Not meant for adult players looking for a top-of-line cue.     

6. Rage Heavy Hitter – Best Break Cue Under $100

Some players do not prefer using a cue with wraps, and some complain that wraps cause their hands to sweat, and they end up obliterating their grip. 

If this is the case, this cue was constructed without a wrap and is a straight-lined design featuring two parts that join together by an elongated collar secured with the Turbo Lock.

The weight of the whole unit is 25 ounces, fixed, and the typical length of a player the 58 inches. The butt has a white design and is embossed with the brand’s name.

However, this piece does not change the essential wood grip the North American shaft offers. In addition, the wood type provides rock-hard contact with the grade “A” when playing and comes with the 12.5mm Phenolic jump break tip. 

The purchase is available in red, silver, or black designs featuring a black rim representing the connection between the two pieces. However, it does not come with a bag, cleaning cloth, or other accessories.

However, for your evaluation, this cue is one of the top heavy-hitting cues for billiards at this price. It’s an excellent choice if you’re beginning to learn or want to begin competing; changing to a heavier-hitting cue is a good idea.

What Should You Buy This?

  • There is no wrap, which means a greater grip, finer texture, and improved control.
  • Five millimetres of Phenolic-based jump breaks
  • Made from Grade A North American Maple wood

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • It’s expensive, considering it doesn’t come with the case or other additional items.
  • If you’re not used to the weight of a cue, this can cause a lot of trouble.

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7. Cuetec Prestige Series

Cuetec first entered the scene in 1989. The initial lineup was only eight cues, 4 were fiberglass, and four were graphite. Then, in 2000, they had more than 50 cues available in their lineup. 

Nowadays, Cuetec has hundreds of cues to choose from. It’s incredible how a startup company can develop to become one of the largest brands in the industry.

The Cuetec Prestige Series falls within Cuetec Professional cues, and it has numerous features that aren’t usually available on recreational cues.

The shaft is constructed of the Grade A+ North American Maple and is completed with Cuetecs Truglide Finish, giving it an ultra-soft feel with every stroke. It also comes with Cuetecs S.S.T. Pro Taper, the most extended Pro Taper available on any production cue. 

The shaft’s top is one inch of polycarbonate ferrule and a Multi-Layer Tip Tiger Everest.

The cue is available in 4 colors: Candy Apple Red, Ebony, Pearl White, and Sea Blue. Each of them looks stunning. 

Each cue is encased with the Veltex Grip, perfect for taking moisture from your hands and offering a fantastic sensation.

Another excellent characteristic of the Cuetec Prestige Series is the adjustable weight bolt system, and this system lets you quickly alter the weight of your cue.

It is the Cuetec Prestige Series is a fantastic pool cue that is worth the price, as it comes with numerous features that have been upgraded and a simple, sleek design. It is worth a look for those looking for a great cue that costs less than $200.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Best feel with vertex grip that pulls away moisture.
  • Loaded with advanced technology and beautiful design.
  • Easy and quick weight change.
  • Patented S.S.T. for an excellent strike every time.

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • Pricing is on the higher side as compared to others on the list.

8. McDermott Classic Pool Cue Kit – Best Pool Kit Under $100

Again, this is a cue that has no wrap and is paired with North American Maple wood; the result is it is the best cue for hard-hitting. After all, it’s available with up to 21 ounces of weight. And because of the absence of a grip, it can give you more control over the power shots.

For the price, this hard hitter is far ahead of the other hard-hitting players listed; however, it is packed with many additional features. 

The purchase is available in two style options dark grey and white. The box itself comes with a high high-quality case, and the case has an innovative side pocket. It comes with accessories like two pieces of Billiard chalk, a chalk holder, and even an edge shaper.

In terms of the tip, this is a scuffer tip with a diameter of 13mm. It means it is best for hitting directly on the side or base of the ball if a specific angle is required or other balls of the game can block your path.

Not to be left out, this brand also offers a terrific 3-year warranty from the manufacturer on all their products that, including any issue in the manufacturer or shipping process, will be covered.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • No wrap equals more excellent grip and control.
  • Cue is a robust, hard-hitting hardwood shaft made of hard maple
  • This cue has the best additional features

Why Should You Avoid This?

  • Many customers immediately swapped out the scuffing tip
  • The shaft cannot be treated as a defense against warping
  • The surface of the ferrule on the cues of some customers isn’t level.

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9. Viking Valhalla – Budget Pick

This cue is the lowest-priced option on our top picks. However, this does not suggest that the quality of the cue is cheap’. When you buy this cue, it will have seven different style choices, with our favorite one being the green.

The design is a unique weight butt, with embossing that is distinctive to the brand and a slight silver-colored inlay. The wrap is made of thin Irish linen twice wrapped to provide the most comfortable and secure grip. 

The type of wood used in the shaft comes from North American “A” grade Maple wood and can hit hard and balance that with the accuracy of a 13mm leather tip. 

Cue comes in two parts: stainless steel threaded joint and joint protector and straight, high impact-resistant ferrule made of resin.

The dimensions are typical for competitions of 58 inches and weigh between 18 to 21 ounces. The finished product is protected from warping and coated with a UV polish that guards against chipping and fading. 

The lifetime warranty added to the product is an additional benefit because it shields the buyer from warping that may still occur.

Overall, it’s one of the top cues we’ve reviewed. It looks fantastic and plays exceptionally well. It has reasonable control, but it can also deliver powerful, hard impacts that can be hurled across the table and directly down into your pocket.

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Professional leather tip
  • Irish linen wrap to give you extra grip
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects

What should you Avoid This?

  • The two-piece design is not available with a case for carrying
  • A wrong cue to break

What Can You Expect From a Budget-Friendly Pool Stick?

Cues for a budget-friendly pool typically come with only a fraction of premium cues’ benefits; however, they don’t include all the features you’d want. 

For example, most effective cues usually come with a great wrap, a genuine leather point, a shaft constructed out of North American maple, and all the accessories you’d need for two-piece cues (such as a carrying case and oil for the chalk, leather, and more). 

The low-cost pool sticks in this list are reasonably priced and ideal for large-scale purchases when you require a variety of sticks for business, home, or other. But, if a stick is made of high-quality wood, it will typically cost less than there is no case or other accessories, in addition to not sporting a professional-grade tip.

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Take note of the following aspects to select the perfect stick for your pool.

Many of the features mentioned in the descriptions of the products are further described here to make it easier for you.

Size and Weight

Weight and size can result from something as basic as individual preference. There are pros out there who prefer a cue with a lighter weight over one with a greater weight which could have something to do with how players play or even the force they’re used to applying to shots. 

The average weight of a cue for the pool is between 18-22 ounces, and the average length ranges from 57-59 inches.

As you can see in our list, a few beginner cues are equipped with different length options. However, many have many weight options. 

When you begin participating in tournaments and are trying to determine the weight you prefer for your cue or length, play with the cues of other players and take several shots to try the feeling for yourself.

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In the meantime, 20 ounces is an appropriate weight for newbies because the weight can lead to a more efficient ball’s speed. 

But, if you’re a hard-hitting player and prefer powerful shots, we recommend you choose the C-960 from Players and Rage Heavy Hitter. Rage heavy Hitter.


Put simply, the more durable the material employed, the greater power a shot can have. It is why you’ll find the majority of beginner cues made from maple.

It’s a wood that offers excellent control and plenty of power whenever you require it. For the most potent power shooters, there’s no better wood other than North American maple, and naturally, this means that our hard-hitters are the C-960 Players Rage Heavy Hitter as well as The Viking Valhalla.

If you are playing against other players, look at their cues and ask them about the material they’re playing with. Specific pros prefer lighter materials, for example, blended materials such as maple and fiberglass, since they offer greater control over the game overall. 

However, instruments that blend materials typically cost more, which is why none of them are mentioned in this guide to buying.

Another benefit of graphite or fiberglass designs is that they are invulnerable to natural warping and even maintenance issues.

However, you’ll notice that many professionals favor wood over other materials every time. Hybrid cues are just getting a foothold in the market, and it’s important to mention that many experts believe they offer the most practical combination of power and control than they’ve experienced with other cues.


The cue’s joint should be flush with the wood and match once put together. There shouldn’t be any illumination at any time between the shaft or the butt facing when the two are screwed together. 

The pin should be placed within the butt. If not, it could be cut at an angle to make it more shaped. It could indicate that it’s in a stress state instead of being at rest. 

The pin must be free from glue and should be polished. The pieces should join effortlessly and comfortably. We believe that the majority of cues in our list are compatible by using high-quality joints and design.

Better grip, with a more wrap

Many first-time players would like the strap made of leather as they are first looking at buying a cue of their own, but even if it seems like a most exciting option, more robust wraps will not necessarily add any value to the sport. 

Naturally, players don’t know what type of wrap they prefer, and the most effective wrap depends upon the individual. The price of the cue will also influence the choice of wrap, and the wrap type will drive the price up. 

Leather wraps that are genuine are one of the most costly they are comfortable to the touch, but most players believe that they can weaken your grip since they encourage sweating.

The cost of leatherette is lower than wraps, but it also has sweat can be a problem. We recommend Irish linen because this is the top preferred wrap for billiards players. 

This cue wrap is a classic that provides the perfect middle grip and does not cause sweating. In our collection, this makes the C-960 Player and the Viking Valhalla cues among the most popular choices. 

For those who want greater control and do not mind the harder grips that hurt your hands during and after playing, many hard-hitters prefer wrapless models like Rage Heavy Hitter. Rage Heavy Hitter and McDermott Classic Pool Cue.

Best Tips and Tricks for Pool Cues

It is often said that the cue’s tip is the most significant feature of the stick. The reason it is so significant is that the tip’s strength significantly influences how a ball reacts to the player’s strike. 

Tips made from leather – the majority of high-end tips that are available (typically cues that exceed 100 percent) can be challenging to determine because they can have an array of hardness levels. 

A significant benefit, however, is that leather tips seldom require shaping and rarely grow as soft tips can.

Other points! Leather is more durable and becomes more complex with time. It’s also the most simple material to maintain

The best option for your trip will be that of the Viking Valhalla. Oils can help keep the leather tip soft like other treatments; however, chock generally makes the tip softer. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to both. The more challenging tips offer greater power but usually cause less control. Soft tips, on the other hand, perform the opposite with greater control but less of a hammering power result behind every shot.

When your tip is worn out, and you’re looking for a replacement, “slip-on tips” are now available on the market. They slide onto the tip of the cue sticks and put glue on top; however, there are a myriad of them, and they are typical of low-quality

One piece or two pieces?

Two-piece cues tend to be an upgrade from an individual cue. A few retail stores sell two-piece cues constructed of less durable plastics instead of wooden bar cues with attaching joints. 

If you purchase a two-piece cue, you can get better quality, more options, and the possibility of an extra wrap you can grip on. In addition, the fact that it can fit into a case makes it easy to transport! 

If you purchase a two-piece cue that doesn’t come with an enclosure, it could be more troublesome to carry two pieces instead of one long-connected one. Additionally, in the end, you’ll have to break it and purchase a case for both pieces.


When you arrive, to check the straightness of your cue, place it on a smooth surface – the table at billiards is usually the ideal place to do this.

Then, move your cue around; it should be smooth and not wobble. However, a cue can be straight but not precisely round due to how the handle was cleaned. 

Another way to test this is to look at your cue by aiming at it with both hands, like a rifle. Then look at it from the side when you move it into your hands. You’ll be able to tell the warping at any point.


Other accessories are never a bad idea! Cues that come in carrying bags can easily cost more than the amount you pay for other cues because this purchase will help you save the money you wish to save when you look at cues less than $100. 

Another great accessory is tip shapers that can be used to eliminate heads that look like mushrooms resulting from playing, and the chalk and cleaning cloth.


The best warranty that ensures the worth of the purchase will depend on the price you can afford and the warranty included with the particular cue. 

If the cue you are purchasing is less than $100, it is sensible to obtain a guarantee for at least a couple of years, which covers scratches, bumps, scratches, and nicks, as well as the most unlikely breakage. 

If you want the absolute best price and the most reliable warranty, look at our pick for the lowest price for The Viking Valhalla, which comes with a Lifetime warranty.

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