Are Viking Pool Cues Good (2022): 80% Don’t Know It

are viking pool cues good

There are so many different brands of cues out there, and even more new ones are constantly popping up. Some are good; others aren’t. Some are cheap, others expensive. Some are made in America, others overseas. Some are made out of steel, others wood. Some are bought with the intention to play while other are collected as antiques.

Some are good, all-around cues, while others are not. And then there are the imports. Imports are often cheaper because they’re made in China, but they are sometimes of lower quality. For example, you may see a Chinese-made cue advertised as “Made in the USA” when it’s just a knockoff.

Viking Cues are making a sensation in the pool tool market for their superb quality. So let’s check out what are Viking Cues all about? Is it worth investing in Viking Cues? Are Viking Cues for beginners or expert-level players.

What Are Viking Pools Cues?

Viking Pool Cues are designed to give players a competitive edge over their opponents. They are known for their durability, quality, and style. The Viking Pool Cue is manufactured using high-grade materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, nickel, silver, and wood. These materials ensure that the cue has a long life span. Viking Pool Cues are also known for their beautiful designs and patterns.

Viking Pool Cues are designed for both recreational and professional players. They are suitable for beginners as well as experienced players. The Viking Pool Cue features a unique design that makes it easier to grip and control. It allows players to perform better shots and improve their game.

Viking Pool Cue is excellent for recreational players who want to enjoy playing pool without worrying about breaking or damaging their pool cue. If you are looking for a durable and stylish pool cue, then Viking Pool Cue is the perfect option for you.

Are Viking Pool Cues Worthy?

 If you’re looking for a good, affordable cue, you should check out Viking pool cues. They’re considered by most to be great, all-around cues. They’re solid and well built, and they’re American-made. They have great value for money and come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Their Valhalla line of imported cues is excellent for new players, and the Viking line of cues is great for intermediate and advanced players. The fact that they come with a lifetime warranty may get you sold!

Origin of Viking Cues

In 1962, Gordon Hart founded Viking Cue Company in the basement of his family’s pool hall in Stoughton, WI. These handcrafted cues quickly grew in popularity and outgrew their basement space by the late 60s. In 1968, Viking moved to Madison, WI, and ran for around 50 years.

The economic crash of 2008 caused Viking to struggle through another challenging year. Finally, in 2010, Viking considered closing its operations due to the declining demand for pool cues. However, Vikings had survived the Great Recession and were ready to thrive again.

They reopened their doors by the following year, and the new management hired old artisans.

In 2013, Viking Cue moved to Middleton, Wisconsin, where they still operate today. Their products and services have continued expanding, including custom cue design, manufacturing, and customer service.

Anatomy of Viking Cue

While the company’s current owner hasn’t been around since the 80s, he did start the company back then and had been working at it ever since. He’s also responsible for bringing in the current team of cue makers. While there were concerns about product quality, the past few years have proven them unfounded. Many of the same players have been producing cues for decades, and the quality has remained high.


Viking cues come with a standard profile. The standard Viking cue comes with a 12-14″ taper. You can choose a different shaft if you prefer a different profile. The finishing process for Viking cues includes 27 steps, including their artisans applying their protective coating, which gives them the glasslike shine that Viking fans love.

Exotic Woods and Colors

Bumpers are made of aluminum and plastic, so you won’t have to worry about them rusting or breaking down. You’ll also never need to push them in because they’re self-threading and will stay put. Bumpers come in various finishes, including matte black, gloss white, and satin nickel, so you can pick the perfect finish for your car. There are 15 different colors available to match your bumper perfectly with your car.

Balance and Joint

Viking cues come with a quick-release joint, something other companies charge a pretty penny. For balance, Viking cues include an adjustable weight bolt system, allowing you to find just the right balance for yourself.

Ferrules and Wraps

Viking cues come with leather or 100% double pressed Irish linen wraps, professionally applied and guaranteed to stand up year in and year out. Plus, you get an indestructible ferrule on every cue. I am not sure how accurate this claim is, but as long you are using the cue for shooting pools, you don’t worry about the ferrule breaking. You are on your own if you use the cue to shoot anything else!

Innovation and Viking

Viking Pool Cues are made using a proprietary finger joint construction technique that makes them stronger, straighter, and more durable than any other cue on the market. All Viking cues are designed to be easy to break and jump and are guaranteed not ever to stain, crack or melt.

Their Super Ferrules are the strongest in our industry and are guaranteed never to stain, crack or burn your hands. Viking cues are also as strong, straight, and balanced as they are optimally weighted, thanks to the unique finger joint construction technique used during manufacturing.

Manufacturing of Viking Cues

Viking cues are made in the US in their Middleton, Wisconsin facility. However, there is also a budget-friendly line of cues called Valhalla. While the cues are still manufactured in the United States, they are not made in the same plant as the Viking brand cues. Instead, they are made in China. As far as I can tell, Viking does not list where the cues are made on their website.

It makes sense that they’re manufactured in China because they’re cheaper there. Quality isn’t an issue, though. You’ll get what you pay for. If you want something high-quality, then buy a custom-made cue.

Viking Valhalla 2-piece Pool Cue Review

You’re looking for something that will help you break through a couple of learning curves while remaining affordable. Something that will be strong enough for intermediate pool players but durable enough to withstand the rigors of league play. The Viking Valhalla 2-piece Pool Cue might be precisely what you need. It features a solid steel shaft and an aluminum tip, making it perfect for both beginners and pros alike.

Viking Cues is known for its high-quality pool cues. Their Valhalla series is their entry into the budget-conscious consumer market. So, don’t expect to get a top-of-the-line American-made pool cue at bargain prices. However, this pool stick, though mass-produced, does mirror some of the design styles of the domestic lines from Viking Cues. Expect a level of oversight and quality that few other overseas manufacturers offer.

How To Identify a Viking Pool Cue?

Every Viking Cue is made with high-quality materials and designed for superior playability. Each cue features the word “USA” centered directly below the brand name in all caps. The Quick Release joints allow you to quickly change your cue length or re-string your cue at any time, an exclusive feature by Viking.

What are the various types of Viking Cues?

Here are some of the various Viking Cues Types:

  1. Ragnar Pool Cues is a manufacturer of pool cues, billiard balls, and accessories. Its goal is to provide quality products at an affordable price. All their products are made in the USA and meet the highest standards. They also offer custom orders if you need something unique.
  2. Heritage Series is a collection of products designed using unique materials and techniques to honor the heritage of Australia while paying homage to the first people who lived here.
  3. Viking Break Cues comes with an accurate shaft weight that gives a perfect shot and gives you a perfect grip.
  4. Viking DeCues are the most decorative pool cues in three broad designs a wild rose, a blue dragon, and a green tree frog.
  5. Viking Jump Cues are meant for better rebound height. They are lighter, shorter, and stiffer as well.

Viking is a renowned name in manufacturing pool cues with decades of experience. As one of the leading manufacturers of pool cues, they offer the best quality products. By constantly implementing innovation, Viking has a vast range to pool cues to cater to every demand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Viking Cues

Who Own Viking Cues?

Madison-based Mark Larson bought the Viking Cues and is the current owner of this renowned business.

Are Viking Cues Made in USA?

Yes! Viking Cues are 100% made in USA.

What Joint Does Viking Cue Use?

Viking Cues commonly use a quick-release joint. It is a 5/16×18 joint that ensures a quick release. To identify the Viking Quick Release Joint, check if the pin is coming out of the cue’s butt and the threads are not able to go all the way up the joint pin.

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