Billiards Skills – Develope an Efficient Stroke for Your Pool Game

by Greg on January 19, 2012

In my post 10 Ways to Improve Pool Skills I discussed two tools to build a straight pool stroke. I have found another tool that can aid in developing an efficient stroke for your pool game.

Over at Tom Simpson a BCA master instructor, has come up with the Stroke Groover. It is a simple device used to keep from putting your entire arm into the stroke. Using this device I have developed through muscle memory a smooth efficient stroke. The principle is the least number of moving parts in a stroke the more accurate the delivery of the cue stick to the cue ball.

Consistency in pool requires that you hit the cue at the intended spot every time. The Stoke Groover trains your muscle to deliver the cue stick without moving the elbow up or down so that your forearm acts as a pendulum to deliver a consistent swing.

I have combined this tool with the stroke trainer and use both tools at the same time. I try to do 150 strokes at a time and do this several times a week. This has been very effective in developing a purer stroke.

I recommend Tom Simpson’s Stroke Groover.

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