Billiards Instruction – CTE / Pro One DVD Review

by Greg on December 10, 2011

Stan Shuffett’s CTE Pro One DVD instructs the pool and billiard player in using the CTE (Center To Edge) aiming system and then demonstrates his adaptation of the CTE technique. I found the DVD useful, frustrating and rewarding.

Stan starts the video explaining the CTE aiming system. I had heard about CTE from a friend who had a lesson from Stevie Moore. Stevie is featured on Stan’s DVD. Stan’s explanation was clearer than my friend’s demonstration and so I went right out and started using CTE.

After the explanation and demonstration of CTE Stan introduces his Pro One method. Stan, his son Landon and Stevie Moore explain a number of shots and then show how to shoot using the Pro One method.

I get the CTE approach but have had a difficult time understanding and using the Pro One method. Personally, I think it would require Stan’s one on one session with him to get it.

What I have learned for me is that CTE can be used part of the time but not all the time. I think it is best suited when the cue is less than 3 to 4 feet from the object ball. I think it is best suited for straight pool or one pocket. I have read that CTE originally came from Ralph Greenleaf through Hal Houle. Ralph was one the games greatest straight pool players.

I find it frustrating using CTE and applying English right or left. Stan says his Pro One approach can solve the applying English.

Stan also demonstrates CTE / Pro One bank shots on the billiard instructional DVD. I have found using CTE for bank shots very useful and rewarding especially in one pocket games.

I recommend this DVD for improving your pool game but you need to have an open mind and understand this is not a complete package for aiming. Learn to adapt and use the best tool for each situation.

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