Billiard Books to Take Your Game to the Next Level

by Greg on September 2, 2009

Here you can take your game to the next level by ordering the books Recommended Book List.

Before the Color of Money there was only one book worth reading more than once on pool Byrne’s Standard Book of Pool and Billiards”. It is still in print and is now called the Byrne’s NEW Book of Pool and Billiards.  Byrne has several books on Pool and Billiards and I also highly recommend his Byrne’s Complete Book of Pool Shots.  

After the Color of Money there seemed to be an explosion in pool and billiard books.  Play Your Best Pool by Phill Capelle is worth reading again and again.
Gerry Kanov gave us Precision Pool and it is a great book for the intermediate to advanced player.  I discovered Banking with the Beard: Secretes of A Master last year and it interweaves great pool stories with serious discussion regarding banking balls. Win at Pocket Billiards is a little known pool book and this one is recommended for building knowledge of banking and kicking and is recommended to the intermediate to advance player.

Although “The Dead Stroke Tapes” by Ryan Elliot is not a book but is a set of a dozen or so audio tapes for hypnosis.  These tapes helped me win the regional APA league singles championship in 2002 and finish 9th in the nationals at Las Vegas.

Edie Robin’s books on one pocket are essential reading for the One Pocket enthusiast or advanced pool player. 

I have to put in a plug for the Aiming by the Numbers aiming system developed by Mike Massey and Joe Tucker. 
Here you can take your game to the next level by ordering the books Recommended Book List.

The number one book for pool players to deal with the mental side is not about pool. It is The Inner Game of Tennis.

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