Shooting from the Rail Drill

by Greg on August 28, 2009

Shooting from the rail presents problems for most players because rail shots are not frequently practiced. Here are some general guide lines for shooting from the rail. Keep the cue as level as possible. Rest the tips of the bridge fingers at the outside edge of the rail.  This helps to keep cue as close to level as possible. Jimmy Caras recommended I use a closed bridge for power shots on rail but most players will do best with the open bridge.  The open bridge will provide best view from cue to object ball.

With the above guidelines practice this drill.  Place an object ball in center of table between the side pockets.  Now shoot the cue ball from on the rail at each of the diamonds along the side rails to pocket the object ball in opposite side pocket.  If you miss the shot shoot it again before progessing to the next diamond.   The shot from the  diamond closest to the side pocket is a natural scratch shot into corner pocket.  See if you can keep it from scratching.  Also shoot with the cue ball placed in the corner and then move one diamond along the head and foot rail.  These last two shots are difficult but can be made.  Good luck and keep practicing! 

If you are using the aiming by the numbers system the aim for this drill is “9″.  


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