Billards Instruction – “Little” Joe Villalpando’s Pool I.Q. Kick Shots DVD review

by Greg on November 1, 2011

Billiards and Pool Instruction DVD Review

An accomplished billiards and pool player friend told me about Villalpando’s Kick Shot DVD and recommended it. I looked for the DVD and found it here I found the DVD to be informative and had a new approach for me for two rail kick shots. I had not seen this two rail approach before and it seems simple to learn. I went over to Bank Shots in Jacksonville and tried it out. It worked. The DVD covers 3-rail kick system, 2-rail kick system both from the end rail and side rail and a 1-rail kick system. Joe teaches by using a clock face on the cue ball.

Repeating Shots – Key to Improving Billiards and Pool Skills

I liked the repetitive shots performed by different players in video with the graphic overlay. This helped me remember the kick shots quickly. Some on the AZ-billiards forum complained but remarked after watching it again said that it helped their learning curve. I agree. The 2-rail kick system I had never seen before and the repetition helped me remember the system quickly.

Recommended Billiards and Pool Skills Instructional DVD

Joe’s kick shot dvd is recommended for beginners to advanced playes as another tool to improve your pool skills.

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